Privacy policy


  1. The privacy of the users of our website is of great importance to us, and we make every effort to
    to ensure that it is protected. This policy explains how we use your personal information.
  2. By accepting the cookies on your first visit to our website, in accordance with the terms of this Policy, you give us permission to use cookies on each of your subsequent visits.

Collection of personal data

The following types of personal data are subject to collection, storage and use:

  1. Information about your computer, including your IP address, geolocation, browser type and version, and operating system;
  2. Information about your visits to and use of this website, including referral sources, length of visits, pages viewed, and site navigation paths;
  3. Information about your email address that you used to register on our website;
  4. Information that you have entered when creating a profile on our website – for example, your name, profile picture, gender, birthday, marital status, hobbies and interests, education and occupation;
  5. Information such as your name and email address that you provided when you subscribed to our mailing lists and/or newsletters;
  6. Information you have entered while using the services of our website;
  7. Information generated when you use our website, including information about the time, frequency and terms of use;
  8. Information contained in any messages you send to us by email or through our website, including the content of the message and the purpose of the message;
  9. Any other personal information you have sent to us.

Before you share personal information about a third party with us, you must obtain that person’s consent to both the sharing and processing of that information in accordance with this policy.

Use of your personal information

We reserve the right to disclose your personal information to any of our employees, officers, insurance agents, professional advisers, agents, suppliers, or subcontractors to the extent and for the purposes set out in this policy.

We reserve the right to disclose your personal information to any member of our group of companies (this includes our affiliates, our ultimate holding company, and all of its affiliates) to the extent and for the purposes set out in this policy.

We reserve the right to disclose your personal information:

  1. when we are required to do so by law;
  2. due to any current or future court proceedings;
  3. to establish, exercise, or defend our legal rights (including providing information to other parties to prevent fraud or reduce credit risk);
  4. to the buyer (or potential buyer) of any business or assets we sell (or intend to sell);
  5. to any person who, in our reasonable opinion, may request a court or other authorized institution to disclose this personal data, and, in our reasonable opinion, this court or authorized institution will issue an order for disclosure of this personal data.

We will not disclose your personal information to third parties, except as specified in this policy.

This website uses caching to speed up response times and improve the user experience. Caching potentially stores a copy of every page on a particular site. All cache files are temporary and are never accessible to third parties, unless you need to obtain technical support from the provider of the caching plugin. The cache files expire according to the schedule set by the site administrator, but if necessary, the administrator can easily delete them before the expiration date. We may use services to temporarily process and cache your data.

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