Autonomous sewage system

Autonomous sewage system

The Bioprocessor is a modern treatment facility that independently creates conditions for the development of microflora inside the plant and distributes it depending on the phase of decomposition of activated sludge into particles, from solid to fine. The Bioprocessor treats and disinfects domestic wastewater to the state of process water so that it can be reused in everyday life.
How it works
The technology of deep biological wastewater treatment can eliminate up to 98% of contaminants and completely remove unpleasant odors. The Bioprocessor treats and disinfects domestic wastewater to the state of service water for reuse in the home. Bioprocessor WWTS is a local deep biological wastewater treatment plant that is technologically more advanced, unique, and autonomous. It can be installed anywhere and in any area, so it must meet the highest standards and a high degree of treatment.
Advantages of autonomous sewage system
Ecological compatibility
"A typical autonomous sewage system consists of several elements, including a wastewater collection system (usually an underground tank), a wastewater pretreatment system, and a wastewater treatment system. Sewage flows into a sealed tank and then passes through numerous stages of treatment. Autonomous sewage systems use mechanical and biological processes to remove contaminants from wastewater, such as filtration, oxidation, and disinfection. It is a compact and efficient wastewater treatment system that can be installed in remote or environmentally sensitive areas where there is no possibility of connecting to the central sewage network."
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from 3000€
For home and country house
Small and powerful. Perfect for use at a country house, cottage house, mini-hotel, summer house.
from 9500€
For business
I(deal) Suited for camping/glamping, recreation centers, and cottage communities.
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By request
For residential complexes/hotels
"For public facilities (hotels, tourist complexes, holiday homes, boarding houses, sanatoriums, educational institutions, etc.)"
System maintenance
The BIOPROCESSOR is fully automated and requires no daily maintenance. In terms of maintenance and service, the rule of thumb is that all process components can be easily removed and cleaned by yourself. When reinstalling all removed and processed parts, the original placement, connection and position must be observed.
Maintenance and operation
Safety and maintenance instructions

BIOPROCESSOR autonomous sewage system - perfect wastewater treatment

“One of the main tasks at the construction stage of various facilities is the installation of structures that will ensure wastewater disposal. Sometimes, the areas in Ukraine are far away from cities and towns, so they don’t have sewers. The BIOPROCESSOR autonomous sewage system will help fix this problem. These are highly effective wastewater treatment facilities that offer complete wastewater treatment in a variety of settings and operate in a fully automated fashion.

What are autonomous sewage systems?

The presented plants are state-of-the-art solutions based on multi-stage wastewater treatment. They are a system consisting of several wastewater treatment facilities. In particular, it includes an individual wastewater treatment plant and an independent pipeline. Another feature is that the structures create favorable conditions in which a special microflora develops.

It ensures the biological oxidation of inorganic compounds in wastewater. This method is based on the ability of aerobic microflora to absorb contaminants and convert them into several components (heat, gaseous nitrogen, and biomass). This is the method of biological (aerobic) wastewater treatment.

If we look at autonomous sewage systems in more detail, their design consists of six special chambers where treatment is carried out. Mechanical cleaning, settling, oxygen saturation, and post-treatment take place inside the station. The wastewater that passes through these chambers is treated at 98%.

How does local sewage work?

The systems are quite practical and easy to use. After installation and adjustment by specialists, they operate smoothly. The first stage is the separation of solid objects. Materials and waste are retained on mechanical screens. Then the wastewater enters the settling tank, where primary aeration treatment takes place.

After filtration and settling, the liquid is sent to the main treatment plant. This produces sludge and treated wastewater. The latter are sent to a biofilter tank for final treatment and then disinfected using UV radiation. Thus, the autonomous sewage system provides the highest level of treatment. The water that passes through all stages can be used for technical needs on the farm.

Where are autonomous sewage systems used?

The design of an autonomous sewage system is a universal solution not only for private houses, but also for other facilities with household wastewater. The owners of the following buildings should buy an autonomous sewage system:

  • catering establishments;
  • cottages;
  • country houses;
  • residential complexes;
  • hotels;
  • health resorts.

In each case, an individual design is selected. The number of users, the features of the building itself, the average water consumption per day, and the characteristics of the site are important while selecting a design. An autonomous, turnkey sewage system may be the best option.

The service includes professional assistance with the selection of the required plant model, preparation of design and estimate documentation, construction and installation works, commissioning of equipment, instruction on its use, and delivery of equipment.

An integrated approach allows you to choose the best solution for a particular facility and forget about additional worries. Bioprocessor specialists provide assistance at all phases. If you have any questions, they advise and explain the features of the designs, and when the order is placed, they take care of all the arrangements for transporting the equipment, installation, and start-up.

What is the difference between an autonomous septic tank and an autonomous sewage system?

When choosing a solution for their facility, owners often compare several options for wastewater treatment plants to determine the best one. Sometimes the choice is between an autonomous sewage system and a septic tank. These two designs have many differences.

To begin with, a septic tank is a container designed to collect, accumulate, and settle wastewater. After treatment in a septic tank, post-treatment with filters is usually required. In addition, the process itself in this case is quite long (at least 3 days).

The main and only advantage of all septic tanks is their low cost. However, if you calculate the total final cost of the order, together with the additional costs of installation, it becomes clear that it is not entirely different from the cost of a more technologically advanced and modern wastewater treatment plant.

The wastewater is then purified by approximately 60–65% and has a specific smell and color. If there is no post-treatment plant on site, the wastewater with residual contaminants goes directly into the soil. But not all soils have sufficient filtration capabilities, so over time, the comfortable microclimate of your land will start to turn into an environmental threat.

If maximum treatment to the level of technical water is required, it is better to choose an autonomous sewage system. The system provides several steps of treatment, after which the wastewater is purified by 98%. Unlike a septic tank, the BIOPROCESSOR autonomous deep biological wastewater treatment plant combines all the cycles and phases of processing in a single high-tech unit.

Therefore, the wastewater is guaranteed to be 98% purified to the level of natural water and can be safely used for household needs. If you require a wastewater treatment plant that fully complies with the rules, regulations, and requirements of the current Ukrainian legislation on wastewater disposal, it is better to install a biological sewage treatment plant produced by TM BIOPROCESSOR.

It will be the most beneficial investment in terms of energy efficiency, reliability, environmental friendliness, economy, safety, and usability. The BIOPROCESSOR local wastewater treatment plant reliably treats sewage properly to the maximum permitted levels for the reuse of clean water in the home or the safe recharge of groundwater with the already processed water.

How is an autonomous sewage system installed?

The Bioprocessor LLC specialists are not only engaged in the manufacture but also take care of the installation of the structures. They help choose the best individual solution for each facility and ensure the correct installation of all components. Upon completion of the installation, the client receives a technical passport, a warranty card that has a protective hologram and meets the established requirements, as well as installation and operating instructions.

What are the benefits of an individual sewage system?

The plants manufactured by Bioprocessor LLC are environmentally friendly, versatile, and efficient solutions for wastewater treatment. They provide their owners with a number of benefits:

  • smooth operation;
  • high quality and reliability;
  • self-supporting sealed housing;
  • durability and resistance to seasonal temperature changes;
  • reasonable price;
  • maximum level of purification;
  • practicality;
  • no negative impact on the environment.

If you are interested in turnkey autonomous sewage system cost and production features or would like to order an individual calculation of a local biosewage system based on natural biological processes, please call us at the phone number listed on the website. We will be happy to help you create your own reliable and environmentally friendly system and get high-quality purified water in Odesa or any other city in Ukraine and even abroad.”

What is an autonomous sewage system?
A local deep biological wastewater treatment plant is an effective alternative to a centralized sewage system. It is a smaller copy of municipal wastewater treatment plants designed to treat sewage for all possible contaminants.
How much does an autonomous sewage system cost?
The cost of construction depends on individual needs. The manufacturer, Bioprocessor offers solutions starting at 3,000 euros. The turnkey price includes the cost of the BIOPROCESSOR plant, the development of design and estimate documentation, the construction and installation job, and commissioning. In addition, we offer autonomous sewage treatment plants not only for private houses with a certain number of permanent residents but also for businesses, hotels, and residential complexes.
How does an individual sewage system work?
The design of an autonomous sewage system is installed at various facilities and launched by BIOPROCESSOR specialists. After commissioning, the equipment operates automatically. The process of wastewater treatment uses mechanical and biological treatment methods, as well as UV disinfection.
What is better: a septic tank or an autonomous sewage system?
The environmentally friendly, technically and technologically advanced design of the autonomous sewage system provides the highest level of water purification (98%), which is as close to natural as possible. This makes it a better option than a septic tank. On the contrary, a septic tank is a tank for settling wastewater with an anaerobic treatment function that can only treat pollution by 60–65%.
We are ready to take your order and advise you on the system and its installation

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      For home and country house BIOPROCESSOR models
      BIOPROCESSOR model ЕСО-3 ЕСО-6 ЕСО-9 ЕСО-15 ЕСО-20 ЕСО-30
      Number of users up to 4 5-8 8-10 12-15 15-20 20-30
      Nominal capacity, m3/day 0,5-0,8 1,0-1,5 1,5-2,0 3,0 4,0 6,0
      Volley discharge, m3 0,25 0,3 0,45 0,9 1,2 1,8
      Installation power, W 60 80 100 120 150 200
      Overall dimensions, LxWxH, mm Ø 1420х2710 Ø 1650х2710 Ø 1950х2710 Ø 1950х2710 Ø 1950х3280 4833х1950х2710
      For business BIOPROCESSOR Models
      Number of users 30-40 40-60 60-80 80-120
      Nominal capacity, m3/day 8,0 10,0 15,0 20,0
      Volley discharge, m3 2,2 3,0 4,0 5,0
      Installation power, W 270 350 450 660
      Overall dimensions, LxWxH, mm 2000х2660х3100 2000х3160х3100 2000х4160х3100 3160х4000х3100
      For residential complexes/hotels BIOPROCESSOR models
      Number of users 80-120 120-170 170-200 200-250 250-500 500-750 750-1000
      Nominal capacity, m3/day 20,0 30 40 50 100 150 200
      Volley discharge, m3 5,0 9 10 12 15 20 30
      Installation power, W 660 1000 1350 2000 4000 6100 8200
      Overall dimensions, LxWxH, mm 3160х4000х3100 4000х4160х3100 4000х6320х3100 4000х8320х3100 4000х8320х3100 10000х15000х3100 10000х18000х3100
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